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Meet our employees

According to religious literature, an apple has held a special place in human history since the time of Adam and Eve. The fate of Newton was connected with this fruit, as an apple fell on his head and he discovered the law of universal gravitation in the XVII century, as well as the fate of a smartphone, which has become a global brand today.

What about the workers who grow and take care of apples?

International Women's Day is coming soon, and we would like to tell you about the women working in our orchard.

Yes, today you can often meet women successfully mastering professions that were considered mainly male.

Amal Bio apple orchard, located 85 km from Almaty, employs mainly local residents. Today there are 100 workers in the Amal Bio apple orchard. And there are 12 women among them.

One of them is Alma Narynbaeva.

By a fortunate coincidence, her name means “apple” in Kazakh.

Alma Narynbaeva, a resident of the Zhanaturmys village in the Enbekshikazakh region, has been working in the Amal Bio orchard since autumn 2016. Initially she took a seasonal job picking apples. And has been working here ever since.

  • In autumn it will be 6 years since I work in Amal Bio, - says Alma Narynbaeva. - I can operate Hercules heavy vehicles and ride a motorcycle. I have learned it here, and have been riding the iron horse for 2-3 years now (laughs). At the beginning, to be honest, it was difficult. But that's okay, nothing comes easy at first! There are ups and downs in our work. Now I can say that I know my job and all its nuances.

It is known that spring brings with an inexhaustible vanity. After all, this is the time for the most important work in the orchard. It's time to prune the apple trees too. There is a lot of work here. Nevertheless, we managed to ask our hero a few questions.

- I am a mother of a son and 2 daughters. The eldest is studying at the university and daughters go to school. It's been 8 years since my husband died, and everything is on me. My main profession is a technologist. It happened so that I have got a job here, and I am very grateful and glad to work here. After all, apple trees are very good for the environment, and apples are in great demand. Amal Bio has provided us with many opportunities. Favorable working environment has been created here. And I'm happy to be part of this team.

- Women do not lag behind men in their work. Like men, they are versatile employees and work on an equal footing. Although, sometimes, women are much more careful and attentive, - the company management notes.

We managed to ask Alma last question: «How do you feel about March 8th?»

- It`s the first spring holiday, the celebration of the spring itself, - says Alma Narynbaeva. - This is a special day for me. We are all looking forward to it. The most important thing for me is receiving sincere and heartfelt congratulations. I would like to believe that this day will bring joy and happiness.

Taking this opportunity, I congratulate my wonderful colleagues with the upcoming holiday, I wish them good health and a lot of happiness. Let everything be great, - Alma hurried to join her colleagues at work.

And we wish the fulfillment of desires and all the best to Alma Narynbaeva.

To be continued…