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Our Partners


For several years, Amal bio cooperate with the company GRUBER GENETTI. Our dedicated partners allow us to guarantee high quality seedlings, combined with competent service. Modern technologies, high quality standards and years of experience makes them an ideal partner for the optimization of production and business volume.


One of the most important partners for us is the Italian company SALVI VIVAI S.S., which is the largest supplier of seedlings: seedlings of strawberry, fruit tree seedlings and rootstocks.


Amal bio also gets a lot of support in the field of consulting services from the Advice & Consulting Company, which is a major specialist in Italy for consulting in agriculture. This company provides to customers the opportunity to get a project "turnkey" and implement them in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer.


Presorting line is responsible for the pre-selection of fruit – separate from damaged products, clean from stubborn dirties and then loading apples into the pallets. This process takes a very efficient and gentle way, as it’s apply the latest hydro-vacuum method of SORMA GROUP company.

This method 100% eliminates apples from any damages during shipment.


The introduction of new technologies in the agricultural sector has key important role, as it makes the industry more profitable and competitive in the world market. MAS Agro contributes to this goal by providing the latest developments for Kazakh farmers.


Belgium - lawn mowers and Hercules platform.

BAB BAMPS NV is one of the best European manufacturers of machinery for agriculture. Lawn grass between the rows, the Hercules platform, which are necessary for work with hail net, at harvest and other garden works were purchased from BAB BAMPS NV. With further growth of our seating areas, we are planning to purchase of all kinds of equipment from the company BAB BAMPS NV.


Plattenhardt + Wirth GmbH (Plattenhardt and Wirth) is a leading specialist in the construction of storage facilities for fruits and vegetables in Germany and has offices in Hungary, China, CIS, Croatia and Poland.