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Congratulations with Korisu!

Congratulations with Korisu!
Every year on March 14th, a week before the vernal equinox, Western Kazakhstan celebrates the day of Korisu. The literal translation from Kazakh means “to meet” or “to see each other”.
This holiday is also called Amal kuni, which means the “Day of Renaissance (renewal)”.
As per ancient Kazakh traditions, people would dress up nicely and meet each other, greeting and wishing all the best and prosperity.
On this day, our ancestors gathered together after passing through long cold winter, in order to make sure that everyone survived the winter safely, to check out how things are, to exchange the steppe news.
Nowadays, people also use this occasion to inquire about the health of relatives and friends, to forget old grievances, check how did the long winter go, whether it was difficult, and wish: "Happy past year!"
Young people greet the elderly and receive their blessings. People wish each other well. This is a holiday of the prosperity and unity of the people. The holiday is aimed at strengthening the values that unite family and society.
We congratulate you with the beginning of the new year, on this wonderful spring holiday!

Good health and well-being!