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Harvest season in the orchard came to the end.


Harvest season in the orchard came to the end. The harvest amounted to 420 tonnes of the 11 varieties of apples: Golden Delicious, Braeburn, Fuji Fubrax, GrannySmith, Staymared, Idared, Mairac, Red Delicious, Jonaprince, Pinova, Gala.


Сезон уборки урожая в саду Amal Bio подошел к концу.  Обьем урожая составил 420 тонн из 11 сортов яблок


Harvested fruits are placed in the gas chambers of fruit storage, in order not to lose the value and taste of apples. This is achieved by lowering the temperature of the product in store.



For most convenience to buyers in finding our products among a wide variety, we started the calibration and packaging lines. Principle of operation gives you the opportunity to select the apples by color and weight, varieties.