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Our apples on the Green Bazaar

From the October 12, we opened a small retail point of our Green apples on the market in the city of Almaty department "Kөkөnіster - Zhemіster", ie "Fruits - Fruits", on the ground floor.

The exact location: if you go to the main entrance to the Green Bazaar, straight ahead you can see a number of fruit with a sign "Kөkөnіster - Zhemіster". In this series, in the neighborhood with other fruit producers located counter Amal Bio.

Now available for sale 7 varieties of apples: Gold excellent (Golden delicious), pin (Pinowa) Mayrak (Mairac), Red Delicious or American (Red delicious), Gala (to Gala), Idared (Idared), John Prince (Jona prince).